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Saturday, July 01, 2006

How Come the 'Green Aeroplane' Title?

Well it's like this....In our lounge I have a small green plastic aeroplane sitting on the dresser. It's not fancy. Not a Concorde (which I love), or a Stealth Bomber ( which I also love), just a chunky, green plastic aeroplane. I found it one day in a bargin bin in a second hand shop. It was on it's side, one wingtip buried in an old-broken toy, the other pointing forlornly up to the sky. It seemed no-none wanted it until I came aong. And I did want it. I was looking for a small toy plane that I could use as an illustration for a seminar I was to give.

Like the hand of God I reached down and picked up the abandoned toy. It was a lurid green but solid. It wouldn't crack or break and it was the right size. Perfect for my purposes. I wasn't sure about the green colour but there was no other so I took it and now I use it frequently. In these Green Aeroplane blogs I will tell you what I use it for. See you next post.


At 10:17 PM, Blogger Shamgar said...

Having been a pilot and now buld and fly radio control aircraft, I could readily identify with your "Green Aeroplane". The Wheel illustration has served me well for many years,but I think I will now use the Green Aeroplane .thanks Judy for a fresh approach to the basics.


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