Green Aeroplane

Which wing is most important?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How many wings does an aeroplane need?

Of course it is obvious. Aeroplanes need two wings to fly; even the 'Flying Wing' plane has two sides to it. Two wings keep a plane flying. Gives it lift. Yes, the rudder and tail help too!

When I gave that seminar to a group of women, I used the green areoplane to illustrate two vital skills. Everyone who is a Christian learning to follow Christ needs them.

I asked the audience as I waved the green aeroplane aloft, "Which wing is the most important?"

"Easy", they said, "Both."

"Right. So why do we Christians often leave the wings off our spiritual plane? Or have one large wing and one small wing?" I touched the wings on the green areoplane."Can you guess what the two wings represent to a Christian?"

Silence. No-one was willing to stick their neck out. I held up a Bible and said, "The Word of God (the Bible) and, clasping my hands together, "Prayer." "Ahh!"they said.

Without reading the Bible for ourselves, and talking to God every day, we will remain wingless on our spiritual runway. Our aeroplane will go nowhere and we will wonder why our life as a Christian doesn't seem to work. Maybe together we can figure out how to stick the wings back on our planes so we can get off the runway and into the air.


At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, 'tis a great mystery. Do please explain.

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