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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Enjoying the Flight

Now safely in the air, our Captain has us flying straight and level and we are enjoying His company and looking out at the view unflolding below. Surely nothing could be as good as this.

We glance down at our Flight Manual, check the instrument panel and look over at our Captain. He is looking at us expectantly.

'What?.' we say, 'Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I should be doing?'

'No,' he says reassuringly. 'Everything is under control. I just wondered if you wanted to chat while we fly along. I thought you might like to know more about your new life with me.'

Yes, please,' we say.

He makes a small adjustment to the trim of our plane.

'Turn to page 1060 in the Manual and read me Hebrews Chapter 10 verses 24 and 25. Tell me what it says.'

We find the place in our easy-to-read-Bible and read the verses intently. Our Captain watches us.

'I think it means I should spur on, encourage and meet with other members of the Christian family,' we say. 'At least that is what the verses say,' we add, looking at the Author of the book.

'That's right,' He says encouragingly. 'It is called fellowship. Talking to other Christians, going to a Christian church, singing and talking, and listening to other Christians telling you about this book and what they know about me. That is fellowship. You can meet more of my friends in a small group who are studying the Manual (the Bible)and praying together.

He leans over and taps the Bible. 'The words in here tell about me, my Father and the Holy Spirit. Also our will for the world and its people, and God's dealings with men since He created them. It is really sixty-six books in one, and it takes time to read them all. It needs help from older Christians, teachers and my Holy Spirit (John 14:26) to understand them. 'Come with Me to where other children in my family are and we will all have fellowship together.'

We nod eagerely. Fellowship sounds great.

Our Captain continues:
'Another verse for you to look up is on page 847, Malachi, Chapter 3 verse 16. Every time you talk about Me with other Christians I not only listen, I write it all down to remember.'

We read the verse, and as we look at Him this time He seems to change before our eyes. His face glows and His expression is kingly; stern, majestic, yet merciful and just, not someone to take lightly. We seem to see Him standing in a royal court surrounded by thousands of angels, white light streaming from Him. His presence is overwhelming.(Rev 1:12-18) Someone worth talking about with respect and humility. We are overcome and fall at His feet. How can He be my friend and Saviour? The scene fades and we are back in the cockpit with our Captain

'Wow!' we think. I'd better be careful what I say about my Captain!'

He smiles. He knows our thoughts and says to us.

'If you were the only person in the world I would still have died to save you. You are my child now. Just talk with others about me. It will encourage you. While you think about that I will just fly us over this mountain and then I will take you to meet more of My family. When you have settled in with them I will tell you some more about your new life with me.'

We smile. This is getting better all the time.


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