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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Talking About Our Captain

It is the last day of the year and we are feeling a little blah after the excitement and rush of Christmas; we have had a surfeit of good food, chocolate and festivities. We have been enjoying family and relations and now we are peopled-out.

The Lord takes a look at us and suggests a quiet flight together to lift us above the mundane and enjoy the creation. Besides, it is New Year tomorow and we could discuss our plans for the next year with Him, so we agree and off we go to seat ourselves in the Green Aeroplane cockpit.

As our plane lifts off and soars into the calm air our spirits begin to quieten; it is wonderful to be in the presence of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ again. We smile at Him and He smiles at us.

'How was it with the family and friends?' He asks.

'Well, you know,' we reply,'The first day is fine catching up on the news and all but then old quarrels begin to surface and by the time Christmas dinner is eaten tensions begin to rise and differences to appear. Sometimes it ends in someone quarrelling with someone else. So much for peace and goodwill! Wish it could be different. We tried to keep the peace but they wouldn't listen.' We shoot a wry look at our Captain.' If only you had been there you could have changed the atmosphere in an instant.'

"Ah!'says our Lord.' But I was there. I live in you now. Remember that verse I wrote down for you in Colossians 1 verse 27 '..Christ in you, the hope of glory.' You could have called on me at any time and I would have helped you to keep the peace."

'Oh,' we say, blushing a little. 'We forgot that. Sorry'

We sit thoughtful for a moment looking out the window at the beautiful scene spread out below us. Slowly the quietness and the beauty calm us and we say, 'Lord, there is one thing I would like to discuss with you. In fact, it is part of my plans for the new year. I would love to be able to talk about you to others, but I seem to make a mess of it every time I try. I am not an evangelist, that's obvious!'

Again the Lord smiles. 'Many of my friends have that problem and you are right, I haven't given you the gift of evangelism but I have asked that you be a witness for me to the people you meet wherever you are in the world. Open you manual and look at Acts 1 verse 8."

We scramble for our manual which is tucked under our seat and turn to the book of Acts in the New Testament. " will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth'.

'What does it mean to be a witness, Lord?' we ask, to hide the fact that we have forgotten that verse.'

'It means,' says the Lord, 'that like a witness in court you tell people what you have seen and heard and know about me.' An eye-witness account. Your personal story of how you came to know me and what we have done together since. Also answers to requests you have made of me.'

'But, Lord' we say, 'we are afraid to do that. We don't know what words to use, and what if we get it wrong?'

The Lord understands us and looks kindly as he says, 'See the first part of verse 8? My Holy Spirit, who lives in you, will supply the power and the courage if you ask for it. He will even help you with the words to use. Another thing you can do is find another Christian to talk to and tell them your testimony (your eye witness account) of what you know of me and what I have done for you. Why don't you write it all down first and then tell it to someone else?

"The more you practice it the easier it will be to tell others. Do you think you could do that?'

He looks at us. We look away for a moment, terrified at the thought, then we remember His promise to be with us and give us words to say. It would mean a bit of preparation too to get our story straight, and to learn the message we have to tell. We look back. 'I will try, Lord, especially if you will help me.'

"Of course I will. I need every messenger I have to reach those who have never heard of me.' He glances down at the passing world below. He says,'There are so many in the fields ripe and ready to be harvested and so few willing to do the harvesting.'

We too look down and see the vast harvest waiting below and feel his longing for the lost people of the world. We turn back eagerly and say. "I'll go harvesting, Lord - send me!'

The task for the New Year ahead looks exciting and fulfilling. This will be my New Year Resolution.


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